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Digi ConnectPort X2e ZigBee 3G GSM

Digi ConnectPort X2e ZigBee 3G GSM
Digi ConnectPort X2e ZigBee 3G GSM
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: X2E-Z3C-H2-W
  • Description: Programmable ZigBee Gateway with 3G GSM
  • Brand: Digi International


Digi ConnectPort X2e ZigBee 3G GSM


Programmable ZigBee to IP Gateway


The ConnectPort X2e ZigBee to IP gateway provides low-cost IP networking of RF devices and sensor networks. Featuring a simple Python-based development platform, the gateway enables custom applications to run locally while interfacing across existing cellular/Wi-Fi/Ethernet networks for WAN connectivity to cloud-based software applications.

ConnectPort X2e products feature an end-to-end development environment based on the DIA framework for Device Cloud by Etherios™, allowing for rapid M2M-specific application development on the industry standard Python scripting engine. In addition, Web Services provide an IDE featuring device detection, debugging, compiling and downloading of DIA/Python code to Digi gateways.

ConnectPort X2e products can be managed remotely via Device Manager, the management platform included with Device Cloud. Device Manager allows users to remotely manage thousands of deployed devices, supporting features like remote firmware upgrades and event alarms.


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