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*Patton SmartLink M-ATA

*Patton SmartLink M-ATA
*Patton SmartLink M-ATA
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  • Model: M-ATA-1A/EUI
  • Description: Micro-Analog Telephone & Fax Adapter
  • Brand: Patton Electronics Co.


Patton SmartLink M-ATA


Micro-Analog Telphone & Fax Adapter


The SmartLink Micro Analog Telephone Adapter provides connectivity for analog phones and faxes to a home, home office or corporate LAN. Connecting to any analog phone, fax or PBX, the SmartLink product is ay cost effective solution for small offices and telecommuters to access Internet-based telephone services and corporate intranet systems across established LAN and Internet connections like xDSL and cable modems. The M-ATA provides one Ethernet (RJ-45) port and one FXS (RJ-11) analog phone port for quick and easy interconnection to the local LAN. LEDs show at-a-glance the status of the system, LAN, WAN, and phone ports.


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