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VoIP Routers & Gateways

A full line of Residential, Enterprise, SOHO, and Carriers



SmartNode VoIP solutions are more than just talk.

SmartNode integrates IP and TDM communications for Enterprise and Carrier access networks, offering VoIP gateways combined with IP access routing, WAN transmission, and VoIP border router functionality.

SmartNode scales from 1 to 2,048 VoIP or fax calls and offers VoIP gateway and VoIP router solutions with virtually every VoIP telephony interface, including ISDN PRI & BRI, T1, E1, FXS, FXO, and more. Plus SmartNode supports SIP, H.323, and MGCP VoIP technologies. That means SmartNode VoIP technology solutions will fit your network.

Among VoIP technologies, SmartNode is mature. Tested and deployed in hundreds of real-world networks, SmartNode enterprise VoIP telephone and VoIP provider solutions are fully proven. That's why enterprises, carriers, and VoIP providers all over the world choose Patton SmartNode.


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