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PBX over IP

PBX over IP Solutions with IP•Tube E1

The IP•Tube E1 encapsulates the E1 bit stream (both channelized and unchannelized) for transport over IP. The IP•Tube E1 ensures that the PBX-to-PBX signaling used on the point-to-point lines will get reproduced exactly on the other side of the IP pipe as originally transmitted. Just connect the PBX’s E1 cable into the IP•Tube E1, and you’re done.

It's a GREAT deal!



The Engage IP•Tube E1 provides a proven, economical solution for PBX communication over IP connections. There is no need to forklift upgrades to VoIP or IP Telephony.

The IP•Tube E1 provides enterprises with the ability to interconnect their existing phone systems over flexible bandwidth lines that are used to carry data, voice, and video. The Voice Only Leased Line Toll charges assessed by long distance and local carriers are dramatically reduced or eliminated by transporting voice traffic across IP and Ethernet LANs and MANs that are becoming more and more ubiquitous:


The most compelling option for the interconnection of E1 based systems is when it can be accomplished over a Local Area Network. The deployment of Fiber based LANs such as Gigabit Ethernet, provides organizations with high performance and high quality bandwidth that is especially well suited for the interconnection of PBXs.

Wireless Ethernet

Connecting phone systems across a wireless Ethernet connection has a return on investment that is measured in weeks.


Wide Area Networks with sufficient bandwidth and Quality of Service provisioning offer a compelling alternative to E1-based terrestrial networks.

IP•Tube E1 Features Additional IP•Tube Applications

• 1 and 4 port E1 models available

• Cellular Backhaul over IP/Ethernet
• 1 and 2 port 10/100T models available • E1 Leased Lines over IP/Ethernet
• Optional Lossless Data Compression • SS7 Signaling/Monitoring over IP/Ethernet
• Optional Load Sharing & Redundant Ethernet • Serial Data (RS530, V.35, RS232, X.21)
over IP/Ethernet
• AC and DC Power Options • Toll Bypass over IP/Ethernet
• Supports Full and Fractional E1 • Encrypted Data over IP/Ethernet
• Straightforward Configuration

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