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Engage Black Link Encryptor

Engage Black Link Encryptor
Engage Black Link Encryptor
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: 707-2048-02
  • Description: Serial Data AES Encryptor
  • Brand: Engage Communication


Engage Black Link Encryptor


Secure Sensitive Voice, Video and Data Communications


The Black Link is a Serial Data Link AES Encryptor that encrypts serial protocols such as SDLC, HDLC, BDLC, LAPD/PRI, SS7, X.25, Point to Point Protocol and Frame Relay. The Encryption is done at the Data Link Layer 2 or at the Network Layer 3. The Black Link has models with T1, E1, RS232, RS530, RS449, V.35 or X.21 interfaces with over a decade of proven interoperability with:


 - WAN Bridges and Routers

 - SCADA Terminals

 - Data Multiplexers


Encryption protects vital information from eavesdropping, tampering and regulatory compliance violations. Black Links secure the Critical Infrastructure utilized by government operations, banking and finance, telecommunications, emergency services, gas and oil, electric and energy, water, and transportation.


**Other connector interfaces available, contact for further information**


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