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Customer Premise Equipment

Line includes Routers, Bridges, E1/NTU, and xDSL Modems



OnSite™ broadband router solutions connect your LAN to any IP WAN via E1, X.21 or V.35 service at a reasonable price you can easily afford.

With Patton's low cost IP Routers, DSL CPE, and NTU/CSU/DSU solutions, your enterprise can have reliable yet inexpensive communications for a variety of applications.

Each OnSite™ E1 router, V.35 router, and X.21 router packs powerful IP-router protocal & security features (NAT, NAPT, Firewall/IDS, DNS & DHCP, VPN, PPP, Frame Relay) into an affordable, easy-to-use, and surprisingly compact low-cost broadband router.


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