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Engage BlackBond E1

Engage BlackBond E1
Engage BlackBond E1
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  • Model: 007-2048-02
  • Description: E1 Link Encryptor
  • Brand: Engage Communication


Engage BlackBond E1


Secure Sensitive Voice, Video and Data Communications


The Engage BlackBond E1, a Commercial Off the Shelf, Link Encryptor utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard to secure sensitive information transmitted over point to point or dial-up E1 communication links for:

  • • Department of Defence
  • • National, State and Local Governments
  • • Public Safety Networks
  • • Homeland Security
  • • Multi-Site Commercial Enterprises
  • • Financial Institutions
  • • Health Care Industries


Proven Interoperability

The BlackBond's E1 interface has over a decade of proven interoperability with the full range of E1 communication equipment including:

  • • WAN Bridges and Routers
  • • PBX Trunks
  • • Video Codecs
  • • Voice and Data Multiplexers
  • • Cellular Base Stations


Encryption Method

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is utilized by the BlackBond to protect electronic data. The AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that encrypts and decrypts information. AES is a FIPS approved symmetric encryption algorithm that may be used by U.S. Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.

Key Management

Automated key management configurations ensure timely key transitions and eliminate the operational and maintenance costs of managing an encrypted network with manual key distribution.


**Other connector interfaces available, contact for further information**


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