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Critical Circuit Redundancy

Circuit Emulation facilitates orthoginal network redundancy for Mission Critical Voice, Video and Data connections

Government, Military, Commercial and Educational organizations are heavily dependent upon the uninterrupted operation of their Voice, Data and Video systems. The need to do whatever it takes to keep these vital systems fully operational is a primary objective.

The need to Protect Critical Communications is in high demand for the following applications:

• Public Safety Network Redundancy for Police, Fire and Medical
• Military Communication
• Delivering on Service Level Agreements
• Resilient NERC compliance for Utilities

First Responders

This is especially true for Blue Light first responders such as Police, Fire and emergency medical personnel. It is important that they have access to reliable, interoperable communications to assist those in need during emergencies.  Worst case scenarios require Telecommunication circuits that have real reduncancy.  Engage circuit protection solutions convert ciruit to packet so that IP Ethernet packet based networks can be utilized.

Disaster Recovery Mandates

Redundancy and disaster recovery mandates dramatically impact network planning priorities for operators of mission critical networks, the need for backup operations centers and redundanct transmission architectures is an absolute requirement. Utilities are encountering increased pressure to protect the energy distribution network from service affecting damage. NERC/FERC and other regulatory organizations are pressing harder on the utilities to protect this most critical infrastructure.  Engage solutions provide enhanced connectivity for Remote Telemetry with transparent SCADA protocol support.

Engage Specializes in Automatic Circuit Protection

Engage has an extensive history in providing critical circuit redundancy solutions.  Hurricane Katrina knocked out the Police radio communication network's E1 circuits in New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA).  Engage's IP•Tube E1 is now employed by NOLA police to automatically switch failed terrestial E1 circuits to an IP packet based Satellite WAN network service.

Link Protector

Engage's Link Protector option provides for automatic protection of a E1/SyncSerial circuit over independent IP packet  routes. The IP•Tube converts E1/SyncSerial circuits into sequential IP packets. The IP•Tube Protector can be configured to Always-On or On-Demand with switch-over criteria, sending sequentially duplicate IP•Tube packets onto a second Ethernet LAN interface.



A pervasive concern of enterprises that are contemplating the exploition of the extension of circuits over packet networks is achieving 5 nines reliability. Engage's Protector ability to utilize two independent packet paths with delay synchronization makes it possible to exceed this requirement.

The Protector’s has a high degree of applicability for Top Secret government and Military communication when glitch free data is required especially for circuits that are delivering encrypted information.  Error free operation is accomplished when a primary or secondary Packet is not received and a redundant duplicate packet is available.

The IPTube also supports the transmission of multiple duplicate packets to support Mission Critical Circuit extension with redundancy that is only limited by the bandwidth provisioned.

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