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FarLinX Mini Gateway (E)

FarLinX Mini Gateway (E)
FarLinX Mini Gateway (E)
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  • Model: FL2701E
  • Description: 1-Port Mini X.25 Gateway with Encryption
  • Brand: Farsite


FarLinX Mini Gateway


Mini X.25 Gateway with Encryption


The FarLinX Mini Gateway is the smallest member of the FarLinX Gateway range - it can handle your smaller scale single X.25 line to TCP/IP migration requirements. It offers many of the same features as in the larger FarLinX X25 Gateway range but at a lower price and in a more compact enclosure. The Gateway supports XOT to X.25 switching, X.25 to TCP data translation and connection routing, TCP to XOT, a Triple-X PAD, and a Host PAD. All this is easily managed from your browser. There are also daily activity logs with a selectable level of detail, automatically archived on a daily basis. The SNMP support provides alerts for a numerous different conditions including critical events such as line down and line up.

The more powerful FarLinX X25 Gateway range is more suitable where multiple and faster X.25 lines are used.

Key Features:

  • • TCP to X.25 data translation with a very wide variety of modes including: character streaming, RFC1006, Cisco RBP, APACS, ISO 8583, header stripping and parity conversion and many more
  • • TCP ↔ X.25 and TCP ↔ XOT routing including: fixed routes, dynamic routing and PAD routing
  • • Call routing between XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) and the X.25 line
  • • X.28 PAD option supporting Telnet and an async connection
  • • X.25 Host PAD emulation support
  • • LAN accessible X.25 line as a sharable remotely manageable resource
  • • Choice of X.25 network interface connections: RS232 (V.24), V.35, RS422, RS530, X.21
  • • 400 messages per second and up to 50 simultaneous connections (PVC, SVC)
  • • Line Monitor (local or remote) to view X.25 traffic for easy network problem diagnosis
  • • Optional support for TCP/IP authentication and data security using IPSEC
  • • IP and IPv6 support
  • • Browser graphical configuration, SNMP alerts for critical events and activity logging
  • • Real time display of current connections, line performance, errors, connections and much more
  • • Small rugged low profile all metal case, low power consumption


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