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FarLinX Connect Mini (E)

FarLinX Connect Mini (E)
FarLinX Connect Mini (E)
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: FL2751E
  • Description: A Compact HDLC Bridge and TCP to HDLC Converter
  • Brand: Farsite


FarLinX Connect Mini


A Compact HDLC Bridge and TCP to HDLC Converter


The FarLinX Connect Mini is a multi mode HDLC bridging appliance. HDLC lines can be bridged securely across the Internet or other TCP/IP networks and HDLC connection data can be converted to operate over a TCP connection.

All this is easy to securely manage from your browser. There are also daily activity logs with a selectable level of detail, automatically archived on a daily basis. The SNMP support provides alerts for numerous different conditions including critical events such as line down and line up. A line monitor supplied permits analysis of the HDLC line.

Key Features:

  • • TCP to HDLC conversion with the route created statically or dynamically, handles a variety of modes including: character streaming and frame length defined
  • • HDLC ↔ Internet ↔ HDLC bridging including static or dynamic routing
  • • LAN accessible HDLC line as a sharable remotely manageable resource
  • • Choice of HDLC network interface connections: RS232 (V.24), V.35, RS422, RS530, RS449, X.21, RS485
  • • HDLC line speeds up to 1Mbps and over 1,200 frames per second each way
  • • Line Monitor to view HDLC traffic for easy network problem diagnosis
  • • Optional support for authentication and data security using IPSEC over TCP
  • • IP and IPv6 support
  • • Browser graphical configuration, SNMP alerts for critical events and activity logging
  • • Real time display of current connections, line performance, errors, connections and much more
  • • Small rugged low profile all metal case, low power consumption


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