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FarSync TE1R

FarSync TE1R
FarSync TE1R
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: FS4151
  • Description: 1-Port T1/E1 Universal PCI Card
  • Brand: Farsite


FarSync TE1R


Universal PCI Card for Linux


The intelligent FarSync TE1R card brings comprehensive E1 and T1 support to Linux and Windows to allow your application full access to the E1 and T1 features available on the card. Full bandwidth on unstructured T1 and E1 G.703 lines, T1 and E1 fractional (G.703/G.704), HDLC framed and transparent operation are all supported with easy software configuration. The product includes a low level driver that allows access to the communications features available in the hardware. The card can optionally use the host's standard TCP/IP protocol stack to allow access to IP based networks such as the Internet. The FarSync SDK provides the Developers Toolkit for the product.


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