FarSync Flex USB V3

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Manufacturer: Farsite
Part Number: FS4100
Description: Synchronous USB Adapter FarSync Flex V3
Availability: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
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FarSync Flex V3


The Synchronous USB Adapter


The FarSync Flex V3* USB adapter is a high quality synchronous solution for business, government and military applications, using the FarSite customisable communications controller it has been developed to provide a high performance, neat, durable and versatile connectivity for Linux and Windows systems.

The bus powered USB adapter will support a synchronous line at speeds of well over 3 Mbits/s continuous. The highly flexible universal network connector supports RS232, X.21, RS530 (RS422 signaling), RS449 , RS485 and V.35 network interfaces.

The adapter can support the host computer's TCP/IP protocol stack or an Application can be written to use the low level API for a variety of different functions. The FarSync Flex SDK provides a Developers Toolkit for the product.

The Flex can be used for line monitoring with the addition of a special Monitor cable. A monitoring application is included. The monitoring support is also compatible with Wireshark.

The FarSync Flex supports PC connections to secure BRENT units using an X.21 connection.

For DAB connections the FarSync Flex supports ETI (NI, V.11) and STI (PI, V.11).


*The FarSync Flex V3 superseded the FarSync Flex V2 in July 2018, it is a plug in replacement. The Flex V3 is 100% compatible (updated driver required) with the additional features of a wider operating temperature range and higher operating speed. The FarSync Flex V2 is no longer available due to part obsolescence.

**Other connector interfaces available, contact websales@emtec.com.au for further information**


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