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Engage IP Tube DLE1-Ecan

Engage IP Tube DLE1-Ecan
Engage IP Tube DLE1-Ecan
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: 221-2048-01
  • Description: 1-Port E1 Voice Over IP with Echo Cancellation
  • Brand: Engage Communication


Engage IP Tube DLE1-Ecan


E1 over IP with Echo Cancellation


E1 Voice, Video and Data Over IP

The IP Tube DLE1-Ecan encapsulates full and fractional E1 circuits into IP packets. E1 Over IP connections provide for the interconnection of PBXs, Channel Banks and Telecom Switches via LANs, WANs, MANs, Satellite and Wireless Ethernet.

Echo Canceller

The IP Tube DLE1-Ecan has an integrated E1 Echo Canceller that cancels up to 64 milliseconds of Far End echo. The echo canceller meets ITU-T G.164, G.165 and ITU-T G.168 requirements for echo cancellation.

Transparent Interconnect

The IP Tube DLE1-Ecan’s transparent operation maintains the proprietary signaling required to support PBX features such as call conferences, call forwarding, caller ID and SS7.

Signaling Support

PRI ISDN, SS7, and Proprietary out of band are supported. Echo cancellation is automatically disabled during FAX and Modem communications. Transparent support for Modem or Fax. Voice quality is not compromised. Legacy phone equipment investment is preserved.

VPN Network Management

Interconnecting the IP Tube DLE1-Ecan through a Virtual Private Network with sufficient real time committed information rate ensures that the required quality of service is provisioned. The second Ethernet interface provides a management port. Each LAN interface features independent IP network configurations.


**Other connector interfaces available, contact for further information**


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