Engage IP Tube RS530 SER

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Manufacturer: Engage Communication
Part Number: 040-2530
Description: Circuit Extension Over Ethernet
Availability: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
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Engage IP Tube RS530 SER


Flexible Serial Data Extensions over Packet Switch


The IP Tube SER RS530 converts RS530 data connections, which employ leased circuits, into IP packets that extend the circuit over very cost effective Ethernet based LAN/WAN/MAN wired and wireless networks. The IP Tube SER RS530 encapsulates Synchronous and HDLC serial data into IP packets. The IP Tube SER RS530 is available with one to four RS530 interfaces, configured as DCE or DTE, that facilitate the interconnection of Serial Data Over IP between Bulk Encryptors (KIV7/OMNI), Data Terminals, Data Acquisition Systems, WAN Routers and Bridges...

Layer 1

In Layer 1 operating mode every bit is encapsulated into an IP packet. The size and frequency of the IP packets can be set with data bit rates from 2.4 Kilobits to 2.048 Megabits per second. Latency minimization is accomplished with multidimensional adaptive clock configurations. A configured number of incoming packets are buffered in order to compensate for the packet delivery jitter introduced by the network. The size of this buffer needs to accommodate the peak amount of jitter.

HDLC over IP

In Layer 2 operating mode HDLC Data frames, such as those used by Wide Area Networking protocols PPP and Frame Relay or proprietary Data Links, are transported within IP packets as HDLC over IP. The latency introduced is dependent upon the clocking rate and the HDLC frame size. Minimum latency is obtained by maximizing the clock rate and minimizing the MTU. HDLC Over IP frames are directly sent out the Serial interface since Clock synchronization is not required. WAN security provisioning, such as firewalling, is maintained.


**Other connector interfaces available, contact websales@emtec.com.au for further information**


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