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Patton ForeFront 3310RC

Patton ForeFront 3310RC
Patton ForeFront 3310RC
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: FF3310RC/24D
  • Description: EFM G.SHDSL IP DSLAM Card
  • Brand: Patton Electronics Co.


Patton ForeFront 3310RC


EFM Premium Services Blade


Patton’s EFM ForeFront™ chassis blade, 3310RC, offers high-speed, reliable configurable Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) access links with 24 copper-pair ports.

Each G.bis copper pair supports 192 kbps to 5.7 Mbps. Create high bandwidth access channels by EFM bonding (2BASE-TL) up to 4 ports (IEEE 802.3ah) yielding 22.8 Mbps. The 3310RC EFM blade integrates an https server for management access via any standard browser. Without a single point of failure in a chassis installation, all cards remain accessible though another card is removed. Dual GigEthernet uplink ports and the packet-switched mid-plane bus (for Ethernet traffic) ensures traffic delivery, and robust performance in various failure modes.

The FF3310RC EFM blade can be installed in any Patton 2U, 4U, or 6U ForeFront Access System chassis, including ForeFront systems already deployed with legacy services. The ForeFront solution offers a migration path from legacy services to premium Carrier Ethernet services in the same chassis.

All ForeFront chassis support N+1 redundant power with integrated cooling and hot swappable blades for easy maintenance without disruption to actively deployed services.

Providers leverage the EFM blade’s capabilities to delivery premium symmetric services for IP-based voice, video, and data services with QoS flow management. Also supported are 802.1p/Q VLAN priority classes, and VLAN-stacking (“Q-in-Q”) to ensure transparent extension of VLAN multiplexed services.


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