Engage IP Tube E2

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Manufacturer: Engage Communication
Part Number: 040-1002
Description: Lan to Lan IP Bridge
Availability: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
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Engage IP Tube E2


Ethernet Tunnel over IP


The IP Tube E2 is used to interconnect Ethernet LANs through an IP network. Ethernet frames that are destined for a device located on the remote network are encapsulated into IP packets. The IP packets, with the encapsulated Ethernet frames, are sent to the IP address of the destination network's IP•Tube E2 where the IP envelope is removed and the original Ethernet Frames are delivered to the destination network's Ethernet device.

The Ethernet MAC layer source addresses that are active on the internal LAN are stored in a filtering database. Packets with a MAC destination that do not match a MAC address entry for the receiving port are encapsulated in an IP packet that is forwarded to the remote network.

Service Quality Packet Prioritizing

The IP Tube E2 uses the Type of Service byte in the IP packets to prioritize the encapsulated Ethernet frames. The setting of the TOS byte can be used to ensure that real time data from the IP Tube E2 is ensured high priority. Additionally 802.1p/q VLAN tagging provides layer 2 prioritization.

Rack Mount Kit

The IP Tube family is ready for your most demanding central office or data center environments. With the Rack Mount Kit, IP Tube products are easily installed in 19" and 23" racks. Easy access to both front and rear sides facilitates technician maintenance procedures.


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