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Engage BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Engage BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Engage BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM)
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  • Model: 007-BV-HSM
  • Description: BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Brand: Engage Communication


Engage BlackVault


Hardware Security Module (HSM)


The BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a network attached hsm general purpose FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM with unique functionality making authentication, security, compliance, and ease of use paramount.

Public Key Cryptography for generating and protecting public and private keys.

Powerful Features

Its powerful features include a compact form factor, smart card reader, integrated touch screen color display, tamper reactive silicon die shield, long battery life, networked and off-line operation with Ethernet and USB ports, and much more.



Easy to Integrate

BlackVault easily integrates into a variety of applications, supporting numerous crypto APIs including PKCS#11, Java (JCE) and Microsoft CAPI / CNG, across a variety of operating systems.


Portable / Embeddable Form Factor

Its compact “hard drive” form-factor and redundant, battery-backed, solid state key storage allow BlackVault to be moved to a secure room or safe without loss or compromise of root keys or other cryptographic material. Its small form factor with USB connection and power also supports mounting BlackVault within application servers and other compact environments.


Trusted Path Authentication

The intuitive touch screen display with randomized keypad provides a certified trust path for configuration, PIN entry, and backup operations. This eliminates the risk of compromise from intermediary software or devices.
In addition, the integrated smart card reader facilitates two-factor authentication, and advanced “M of N” Quorum approval. This ensures that no single individual can authorize administrative or operational actions.


Real Time Audits

Constantly updated configuration and operation information provide Security Administrators with the data to discover anomalous activity or failure of critical functions. Audit information can be sent to a trusted entity and is protected to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or deletion.


Military Grade Tamper Reactive

BlackVault cryptographic boundary is within the silicon of its secure CPU. This silicon die shield has dynamic fault detection with real-time environmental and tamper detection circuitry. It also avoids inadvertent tamper, making the BlackVault safe to transport. When a tamper event is detected, the Cryptographic keys are zeroized (deleted).


Ideal for Many Applications

The BlackVault is an independently certified standards based network attached hsm (hardware security module) that performs key management and cryptographic operations for enterprises, certificate authorities, government, and a growing list of organizations requiring strong security for PKI, digital certificates, code signing, document signing, cryptographic key storage, data encryption, key generation and regulatory compliance in cloud companion, networked and off-line (air-gap) operations.


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