Engage BlackVault CYNR

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Manufacturer: Engage Communication
Part Number: BlackVault CYNR
Description: Engage BlackVault CYNR
Availability: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
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Engage BlackVault CYNR


Code and Document Signer with Hardware Security Module


The BlackVault CYNR is a “plug-n-play” code and document signing appliance that brings a new level of security, simplicity, and structure to code and document signing. Signing and timestamping have never been as easy or secure as with this purpose built platform that includes a smart card reader, USB host port, touch screen display and cryptographically advanced FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Ensure your code and documents are highly secure, and meet internal and external processes and compliance objectives with the easy to use and intuitive BlackVault CYNR.

"Plug-n-Play" Digital Signatures

The BlackVault CYNR boots as a signing appliance; once initialized, simply load the code or document to be signed, use the integrated touch screen display to select (or create) the signing key, then execute. The signed code or document is ready for publishing, avoiding the complexity with secure installation and configuration of general purpose operating systems and HSMs.


Digital Certificates / CSRs

The BlackVault CYNR supports self-signed and certificate-signed operations. Obtaining digital certificates (trust path to a certificate authority) is facilitated by the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) feature. Ready to submit CSRs are generated and sent to the USB port or a network attached folder. Once the certificate is received from your Certificate Authority (CA) simply import it into the BlackVault CYNR.


Trusted Path Authentication / Sign-Off

Ensuring proper authorization prior to code or document signing is a key capability of the BlackVault CYNR. The intuitive touch screen display with randomized keypad provides a certified trust path for configuration, PIN entry, and backup operations. In addition, the integrated smart card reader facilitates two-factor authentication, and advanced “M of N” Quorum approval. This ensures that no single individual can represent the enterprise and release reputation damaging code or documents.



Real Time Audits

Constantly updated configuration and operation information provide Security Administrators with the data to discover anomalous activity or failure of critical functions. Audit information can be sent to a trusted entity and is protected to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or deletion.


Integrated Hardware Security Module

Behind the scenes of the BlackVault CYNR is an integrated military grade HSM that creates, stores, and logs private key and digital signature information in its highly secure Level 3+ tamper reactive crypto boundary.


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