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*Digi ConnectPort TS 8

*Digi ConnectPort TS 8
*Digi ConnectPort TS 8
  • Stock: Approx. 1-3 Weeks
  • Model: 70002323
  • Description: 8-Port Serial to Ethernet Terminal Server
  • Brand: Digi International

Digi ConnectPort TS 8


Terminal Servers


ConnectPort TS 8 serial servers provide secure, easy integration of virtually any serial device into wired Ethernet networks. They are ideal for use in IPv4/IPv6 United States Government Department of Defense networks and for applications requiring COM/TTY ports, serial tunneling or TCP/UDP functionality.

The built-in Python development environment enables application customization. This easy-to-use, universal programming language allows complete control of device connections, data manipulation and event based actions.

Efficient configuration and management of the ConnectPort TS 8 is available through an integrated and secure web user interface as well as a powerful Command Line Interface option. SNMPv2 support provides simple device integration into centralized network management systems.

Additional device connectivity is provided through two USB ports to devices such as Digi’s Watchport® USB camera or a USB memory stick.


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